Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Baby P, rest in peace

Rest in peace, Baby P, for your now out of harms way.
In the arms of Jesus, where you will always be.
He saw that you were suffering when the angels carried you to him.
So lifted you out of his arms and put you down to play.

With tears in his eyes, he watches as you skip happily
Along the fields of heaven, with other angels.
Beaming from ear to ear, that smile upon your face.
For you are now free and secure in heaven, such a safe place.

So Baby P, Peter was your name, so they say
God bless you until we meet again in Heaven, our eternal home.
Where we will watch you play and forever safe you be.
As you are watched by the lord Jesus who loves you Baby P.

Friday, 8 February 2008

The lonely Strawberry

The Lonely strawberry

Such a sad sight to see the strawberry,
All on his lonesome,Oh How can this be
Lying in the plastic box, weeping silently
His brothers and his sisters were their murderers tea
And their murderer was me.

I look at this tiny fruit, and I am full of guilt
Nobody to play with, this strawberry is on his own
How can I be so horrible, How can I cause such pain
But the taste of that tangy strawberry will make me do it again

Those pathetic strawberries were meant to die
They led such brave lives
Their time is up, the days are numbered
As I slowly killed each one
But they are in their final resting place
The graveyard, MY FAT TUM

But seeing this lonely strawberry
I shed a tear at this sight
But my mouth waters
As I remember the taste
So I killed that tangy strawberry with one bite

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

My Note to you all

Hi Everyone

I hope alls well, for those of you who regulary check my website, thanks, I really do get a joy of writing!

I have included a poem, I wrote about a foetus, and also plan to write more christian poems,

I have 3 blogs on this website, go to my profile and hopefully you will see them.

if you don,t

thats a journal about my christian faith, and my journey with the lord, I will include meditations and prayers

I love dogs and felt that it would be fun to write a daily journal online about a fictional dog, and his thoughts

thats about it

so do check my other sites

Anthony xxxxxxxx
Beautiful, Lying defenceless in a mothers womb.
How marvellous is gods creation, so delicate and unique.
Waiting, for the chance to show the world, what a blessing they will be.

Joy from the lord, beautiful creation, woven togather,placed in a mothers womb.
How much pride, your parents will have, as they look down at your beauty.
They will smile, and be blessed by the lords perfect creation.
How beautiful you will be.
Little foetus lying, waiting in your mothers womb


13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

i,m back


I have had writers block, for the last couple of months.

I just could not write anything, but I,m back!

Scampy the dog,I really thought could work as a seperate blog, so will be updating that daily, theres a christian site with more of my christian poetry and verses.

This blog will have my short stories and poems on,


Tuesday, 10 April 2007


The chronicles of Scampy the dog
MMMMMMMMM, I woke up to breakfast and now I am sat here, pondering the philosophy of life, How will Life on Mars end! When will Stella get found out in Eastenders, How many cigarettes has Deidre Barlow smoked in the last month, and will I meet the future mrs scampy when I go for my walk hmmmmmmmmm
Its crazy, I think about things all the time, Oh and I sit in front of the tv riveted every night, with the goings on in Emmerdale, Is,nt Tootsie in Emmerdale a babe!
I wonder what my owners are having for their tea tonight, I had a nice piece of stewing steak last night, it went down lovely it did!
Oh well, Scampy must have a nap before he goes for his walk
Nighty Night
Writers Note
For some who do not watch Life on Mars, its a detective drama about a cop who gets transported to 1973 after an accident.
The last in the series is tonight and its the last ever episode.
In Eastenders, Stella is the girlfriend of Phil Mitchell, and has been bullying his 10 year old son
In emmerdale, Tootsie is the pet dog of Edna Birch, one of the main charecters
I,m hoping that Scampy will be a topical humourous look on life through a pet dogs eyes

WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL, Thoughts from a bride and groom. FICTION

Does,nt she look beautiful, she looks like a million dollars, whoah man, I am such a lucky guy to be married to the fittest woman on the planet!
I never thought I would see this day, I loved this woman since the first day of primary school, she wet herself, but I saw past that, lets hope that she does,nt repeat the episode right now!
Wait a minute, has she got toothpaste on her lip, no, I must be seeing things, Oh yes, she has toothpaste on her lip, Oh no, my poor darling!!!!!!!!!
Wait, if I make eye contact with her, I wonder if she will notice something wrong,
Cowabunga! I finally did it, and I did not trip over once, though I did not think much of the car in which I was transported here in, It had birds poop on the bonnet and imagine my horror when I come back from honeymoon, and people constantly remind me that I was driven here in a car that a bird plopped on!
I,m starving, only ate a bowl of cornflakes at 6am this morning, hope my belly don,t rumble when I give my wedding vows
What big nostrils he has, I have known him since primary school, and I never noticed his big nostrils before.
Oh is,nt he just adorable though, he even has dimples. bless his little cotton socks, but why is he giving me that look
Oh no,I have something on my lip, Wait a minute, its toothpaste. arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I want to run away. and I,m bursting for the loo! Its going to be like the niagra falls in a minute, Olivia (6 year old bridesmaid) is crossing her legs as if to say she needs a wee!
Please take her out someone!
I,m glad she got the hint, but bless her, she did look embarrassed, Wonder if she is having second thoughts about marrying me, I hope not, as she is my world!
I can sleep on a bed of nails if she told me to. I love her loads, and would do anything for her.
I,m gasping for that pint, I hope Rick (best man) buys me the first pint!
It has been such a busy morning, that I cut myself shaving, I was in such a hurry, I hope its not bleeding at this moment in time.
Wait, does,nt Ricks mum look good for her age, she is nearly 60!
I would love to be married that long, and look good as her, but I,m a fella and Ricks dad is going bald so maybe not.
Oh no, I forgot to polish my shoes, mum would kill me afterwards, I,m surprised she has,nt spat on a tissue and wiped my face with it!
My feet are killing me in these high heels, Can we sit down please Mr Vicar, Oh and Olivia can then go to the toilet!
Why do I feel like I,m on some catwalk, and why does it take so long to take one photo!
My feet are killing me, and I have the sun in my eyes
I,m looking forward to getting some grub down my neck, I am fed up of this photo malarky, always have done!
My face is aching already with this smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Am I allowed to pull a funny face!
Does,nt he look beautiful in his suit, my handsome husband
She is the most beautiful thing to happen to me
Please don,t stamp on my toes!
I wish people would stop looking at me!
Mother in Law
How many tears have I shed today, oh wait, heres another one!
Father in law
He better not break her heart! I am the proudest father in the world
Mother in Law
I hope she,s ok, she gets nervous when people are watching her
Father in Law
Whens he going to buy me a pint
Mother in Law
Does,nt Olivia look an angel in that dress, my little grandaughter, bridesmaid, oh how lovely is that, Wish He would be that romantic with me,take me in his arms,give me a big sloppy kiss and tell me he loved me, instead of scoffing that pork pie
Father in Law
That pie is disgusting,this buffet is rubbish, even the whole family could put on a better spread then this
I will never change him for the world, even if brad pitt rescued me from a towering inferno.
I will never change her for the world, but will change her awful fashion sense